OndaBlueBrasil Hotel is an oasis of "tranquility and elegance," nestled in one of the most picturesque spots of Jericoacoara, State of Ceara, Brazil. A short walk from the main beaches, located in the heart of Jericoacoara National Park, at the foot of the beautiful “Morro do Serrote” (the Saw Mount), from where you can admire tropical vegetation among the most pristine in the world, this small hotel is the ideal retreat away from the chaos of everyday frantic life.

Set on two floors, the hotel has 11 rooms built with care and designed to meet the most diverse demands. With 2 large terraces with hot tub from where guests can enjoy a breathtaking 360 degree view of white dunes and blue waters of the beautiful nearby beaches, the hotel also has a swimming pool and sunbathing area. We also offer daily choices of delicious dishes from the Italian and International cuisines.

Enveloped by the full attention we enjoy to offer to our guests, OndaBlueBrasil is the ideal choice for a holiday filled with relaxation and comfort in a friendly environment that will excite and pamper you with romance, nature and adventure...

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